Academic Synopsis

Primal Career Services helps you write your Academic Synopsis

Academic Synopsis

Not sure how to write an academic synopsis? Or do you have to write an exposé for a publisher or agent? The Primal Career Services team is at your disposal. We'll help you write a synopsis that succinctly meets your academic needs.

What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is a concise description or outline of a work from beginning to end. The main purpose of a synopsis is to get people to read, watch, buy, or reproduce something. Therefore, it is important to write a synopsis that covers the main conflict and the solution. A good synopsis makes it easier for people to understand what the point is and get the tone of the article/thesis.

In an academic context, this is usually a summary of a text (journal article, book, report, etc.), but in some cases you may want to write a synopsis of a speech, video, or other form of presentation. The synopsis is a neutral summary that objectively presents the main points and is not a personal perspective or criticism. It focuses directly on the summarized text and does not provide a fuller discussion of what an essay might. This allows a reader to go through its main points without having to read the whole text. It's not a "teaser" designed to get your audience to read the text for themselves. So, you don't have to worry about "firing" or "burning the end" with allusions and underscores—give the entire text the same scope, including the conclusions. You can add a comment that provides the reader with context about the text, including the authors and the circumstances under which it was written (for example, whether it is part of a debate, a particular school of thought, or its importance and influence).

Our team of experienced academic synopsis writers is well placed to produce well-structured, content-driven and high-impact synopsis.

Here are items to feature in the synopsis

  1. Justification for the task (main objective and purpose, e.g. gap in currently available literature).
  2. Clarification of key points or ideas.
  3. What do you get?
  4. Motivation, thesis or objectives of the summary clearly stated.
  5. Short description of the methodology used, e. the process by which the information was collected or selected.
  6. Summary of key findings or points. At least one key point in each paragraph or body.
  7. Concise conclusion with a clear explanation.

In accordance with academic requirements, we write your synopsis in the active voice, i.e. in the present tense and in the third person. This also ensures that the reader's attention is well captured and the flow runs smoothly.

Ph.D. Synopsis

Almost everywhere, the number of doctoral students has risen significantly, many are striving for scientific research in their respective fields of interest. Many people around the world aspire to earn this degree as it paves the way to academic excellence in their lives. Many students do it out of passion, others for professional reasons. It is impossible to complete this degree without writing a synopsis. Primal Career Services has a pool of consultants who are experts in synopsis writing techniques for PhD students.

How do I write the best synopsis of my PhD thesis?

First, there must be an ideal format for the thesis synopsis before you start writing. Then a good understanding of the purpose and what is to be learned from the project. Primal Career Services will then put together an excellent PhD synopsis for you.

How long should my synopsis be?

The length of the synopsis, including the necessary tables and figures, must be between one thousand and four thousand words. The best course of action, however, is to write as much as the topic or topic requires.

What are the main elements that a book summary must contain?

The key elements that a book summary should contain are: the premise of the book, a statement of the main plot, an introduction to the main characters, a statement of the most important subplots, and an understanding of the appeal of the book.

What are the tips for writing a compelling synopsis?

The synopsis must be presented in the third person, concise and present tense. However, in some cases it may be necessary to write a synopsis for a film, speech or other type of presentation. Likewise, a PhD abstract is a snapshot of a proposed research topic.

What are the main purposes of the doctoral synopsis?

The synopsis is the motivation for the choice of topic. In short: Why do you find the topic exciting or interesting and how can the thesis offer new insights? A synopsis is an overview of the subject matter and literary description of the thesis/article you wish to refer to. More precisely, it is a preliminary presentation of the thesis.

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