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Our website writing services take the stress out of creating content for a business website. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience so that your new website copy is exactly what you need. Decisions about design, page navigation, content layout, and content embedding can be challenging when dealing with multiple service providers. These elements are inseparable, so we discuss them all with you during the content planning process. We will also discuss the overall marketing picture with you. Primal Career Services delve deeply into your audience, their concerns and buying motivations, as well as other factors that influence your content writing decisions.

SEO Copywriting

Unless you get all of your work from RFPs or affiliate referrals, search engine discoverability will likely matter. And that means paying attention to SEO. Writing services often include basic keyword research, but they don't help you plan a content structure that maximizes search visibility. When done right, your website can attract more visitors, which in turn means more leads for your business. It is part of our planning process to help you achieve this.

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Website content planning

Our website content planning workshop is a one-on-one online session with you that ties all the dots together. We'll look at some key marketing concepts and apply them to your business. We'll educate you about required content, SEO considerations, and how and where to best present your content on a website. You don't need to fill out a brief for our author—discussions on content planning provide relevant information. We create a detailed author briefing and get your approval before we start writing the website.

Web copywriting packages 
Do it once, do it right! Our website writing packages include:

  • One-on-one content planning workshop with you (online)
  • Search by keywords
  • Copywriting optimized for SEO
  • Recovery Lap

Elevate your online presence with our customized website content

With a clear content plan and a quick guide, our website copywriter will create the first draft of your website copy. There are two rounds of revisions in the pack, but our careful planning early in the process reduces the likelihood that major revisions will be needed. Therefore, two additional drafts are used to refine your copy and make changes based on the feedback you provide.

Rewriting existing content

We are often asked whether it is cheaper to rewrite the content of an existing website than to create new ones. The answer is: Usually not. Businesses sometimes choose to rewrite content because it's not written by professional website writers and/or doesn't attract the right customers. This could be because it is not SEO optimized for the relevant search terms as it is not attracting relevant website visitors. Or it might attract the right visitors but not encourage them to contact you. In other cases, the content needs to be changed because the company has repositioned itself in the market or is merging with another brand and the existing copy is no longer relevant. In any case, this approach usually requires rethinking and restructuring, rather than just changing existing content. On the other hand, if the text on your website is in good shape and just needs a few tweaks or updates, that would be a job for our content editor. It takes less time than a full rewrite and the cost would be less.

Need Website Copyrighting Services?

Primal Career Services can help wherever you are. Immediately request the details of the package by phone, email or WhatsApp. We’ll send you more information on inclusions, process, pricing, typical turnaround times, and follow-up if you're ready to begin the process.

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