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Business Plan

A business plan is an essential part of any business. It provides potential lenders and investors with a roadmap of how your business will work and how you plan to achieve your goals.

Here's a quick guide to what this could mean for future entrepreneurs.

  1. Why should I have a business plan?

Business plans are an indispensable part of every company and primarily serve to protect the interests of others. The amount of work you put into your business plan is crucial to generating that interest and ensuring a structured and methodical approach to developing your business model. This is why our experts approach your business plan with energy and attention to detail.

  1. What does a business plan contain?

A business plan consists of several documents that describe everything from your unique selling proposition to the resources you need and the skills you need to be successful. It is important to determine who will review your business plan. If you already know who you want to present it to, you should ask them what it should contain before you begin. Every activity is different and as such there is no set format for what your plan should include. However, as a guide, you should include the following:

  • Summary
    This is the introductory part of your business It briefly describes what your company is and what it will do. The first thing a potential investor will see is that this section should be as impactful as possible.
  • Description and context of the business opportunity, products and services
    An overview of your experience in the industry and the unique value of the product or service you offer. You should also list any trademark, patent, or design registrations you may have in this section.
  • Market, competitors and corporate strategy
    Why do customers buy from you and not from your competitors? Is there a market gap for your offering and if so, why? Details of your marketing strategy and target market should also be
  • Operational plan
    The finer details of how your business will function on a day-to-day basis. This means the company's headquarters, its location, its computer systems and the way in which goods or services are delivered or
  • Management team and staff
    testimonials from people who help you run your business, including their background and achievements. Please provide details of any training or recruitment costs likely to be incurred.
  • Financial forecast
    Perhaps the most important part of your business It provides a detailed forecast of required funds and expected revenues at the beginning of each year, including sales forecasts, cash flow statements, and expected profits and losses.

The creation of a business plan

Creating a business plan takes time and effort. The presentation should be as professional as possible, preferably in the form of a bound brochure with the company logo and a cover. Primal Career Services enlists various relevant consultants while crafting the plan making it suitable for your requirements which may include presenting it to a potential lender or investor, including your accountant and attorney.

Any good business plan requires greater market recognition and corporate competition. Any prospective lender or investor wants to make sure they have a good understanding of market conditions, legal issues, and the likely customer response to your product or service once it is launched. Let Premier Career Services help you formulate the best possible business strategy.

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