Infographic Resumes

Primal Career Services provides resumes with infographic detailing.

Infographic Resumes

These resumes are a graphical presentation of your profile and experience using charts, graphs, timelines, logos and other creative visual elements.

In the 21st century, visual descriptions have become more influencing than scripts. A good number of employers in various industry would prefer an infographic resume over a written for a clear depiction of a professional. The reason is simple, graphics are more comprehensive, interesting to look at and a single glance says it all. Infographic resumes unlike written can effectively elaborate your competencies in a single paper. Infographic resumes are thus technical documents rightly intertwined with artistic abilities. Primal Career Services can help you out with these complex seeming documents and transform your black and white, monotonous resume into an inquisitive piece of creativity. Once you request for an infographic resume, we appoint a personal consultant for you who will understand your requirements and come forth with a visually appealing resume which will help you shoot your career graph up.

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