Strategic & Operational Planning

Primal Career Services help businesses at all stages set their tactical and strategic goals

Strategic Planning

Developing a Clear Strategy for your Business Operations

We help businesses at all stages set their tactical and strategic goals, enhance their means of operational efficiency and steer them to world class levels of performance, along with optimizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our broadly experienced and certified strategic management and operations team employ robust strategic planning techniques that leverage input from key decision makers within the organization and industry experts, information from relevant databases and trend analyses, interviews with individual and group contributors and discussions with key clients or similar correspondence to formulate the strategic plan and synchronize the business objectives for maximum results.

Aligning strategy with industry standards and best practices to facilitate notable success, we help you create a comprehensive strategic plan, refine your enterprise’s KPIs and goals and subsequently drive your organization to high level performance through a three to five-year roadmap that provides guidance to your organizational development and elimination of the chaos associated with poor planning.

What you will achieve:

  1. A Proactive approach in running an organization. You will be equipped with necessary tools and knowledge in taking an offensive approach to handling business issues. Since not every situation can be foreseen, executives ought to prepare for the unforeseeable events with a proactive rather than reactive mindset.
  2. Established business direction and leadership. A succinctly defined organizational purpose and establishment of realistic goals and objectives in line with the vision and mission of the organization. An established basis for effective decision making.
  3. A cornerstone for great business decisions. A good idea is good but a great idea is great. A clearly communicated vision of what you want to achieve, and mission or purpose for achieving it form a great referencing for creating and executing great ideas for the business by ensuring clarity across all the functions.
  4. Secured longevity of the business. The world of commerce is constantly changing and with that new entrants, competition and exiting commercial giants are a common aspect. Businesses cannot afford to rely on luck and those that do have their future prospects on the bleak. Strategic planning will reboot and give focus to your business.
  5. Increased profitability, market share and growth. Strategic planning is forward and objective thinking. It therefore employs a targeted approach to markets, systems, conditions, trends, opportunities that directs business decisions geared towards corporate growth, revenue enhancement and a stronger market position.
  6. Proactive differentiation. Most companies only thrive in analyzing competitor’s best systems and practices to derive their own in what is known as “convergence differentiation”. They end up duplicating and losing out on their unique value positioning. Our strategic planning brings out the uniqueness of your business value and distinctively sets you apart from competitors.
  7. Enhanced sustainable job satisfaction. Job dissatisfaction is the leading reason for high labor turnover. Employees being an essential resource for any successful organization, it is for the interests of the firm that due consideration is accorded to them. With a clear vision, mission, strategy and focus effectively communicated and inculcated across all levels, everyone knows the what, how, where, who and when of all they are supposed to and coupled a system that encourages their innovation, creativity and ideas, gives them a reason to show up every single day.
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