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Career Counselling

Career coaching is more than just advice and guidance. It is a dynamic, collaborative process that gives clients the opportunity to actively participate in shaping their careers and their lives in general. It also helps them to realize themselves and to develop according to their professional maturity in a new context, that of work.

Career planning is a challenging development process that requires careful assessment of the client's potential, values and interests. A proper career guidance schedule should be geared towards equipping individuals to make important decisions about their academic and professional careers that will have a significant impact on their future.

The Primal Career Services personalized support procedure put in place is based on a holistic approach model, the aim of which is to raise awareness and help to effectively manage the different phases of one's career, both academic and professional. When we speak to students, we consider their unique needs, attitudes, values ​​and willingness to make decisions.

The individual counseling process aims to:

  • Provide assessment of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encourage critical thinking and emotional intelligence.
  • Support effective decision-making
  • Support the use of your skills to make good educational and professional decisions

The Methodology:

1) Examination of individual characteristics using specially weighted psychometric instruments (questionnaires and tests adapted to each case) to develop self-awareness.
2) Thorough interpretation and analysis of survey results.
3) Determining the most appropriate educational and professional fields for a particular person.
4) Providing complete and up-to-date education and careers information.
5) Career design and strategies for achieving educational, professional and personal goals.
6) Inform and educate about career management issues.

Career guidance is a process that requires deliberate indulgence. Primal Career Services team of career coaches assists professionals in recognizing their talents and goals and manage their information accordingly, subsequently discovering their right career path.

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