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Many employers require job seekers to fill out an application form, regardless of the position they are applying for. Depending on your employer and location, you may be asked to complete an online application, paper application or apply via email. An employer may ask you to apply for a job even if you applied with a resume and cover letter. In this way, the employer has uniform data in the file for all applicants. Employers want to make sure they comply with labor laws and avoid discrimination. In larger organizations in particular, it may be company policy to have an application for each applicant and to keep a copy of the application in the employee's personnel file.

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Primal Career Services assists in the submission of paper and electronic applications. Among the many portal applications, we help out with Fuzu accounts and Inspira accounts.

Application Form

What is an application form and when is it used? Application forms (also called "recruitment forms") are part of the formal hiring process that companies sometimes use to collect complete and accurate information about all applicants. These forms often ask for information that is not always found in curricula and CVs, such as professional or personal references, names of former supervisors and/or complete education. If you choose to submit your CV as a supplement to your application form, compare it to your application to ensure there are no inconsistencies.

Job Application Types

If you are looking for a job, how will you apply? That depends on the employer. There are different ways to fill out an application. There are online applications, typically filled out on an employer's website, at a recruitment kiosk in a shop or company, or on a mobile device using an app. In some cases, submitting your resume and cover letter online will count as an application; You don't always have to fill out a digital application form. However, its common practice these days to apply digitally and have digital accounts.

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