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Why invest in a professional CV?

A professional is especially good at their expertise. Many professionals spend valuable time and energy building their successful careers by learning more skills, enhancing their education and working extremely hard in their daily tasks. They are good especially at what they are experts about but may fail utterly at communicating their core skills, experience and education on their CV and Cover Letter in a fashion that represents them properly as professionals. This can be really detrimental to their career prospects if remain unchecked. Aside from communicating your value in a CV, other vital aspects such as suitable format, proper itemization, sequencing, key word optimization, role specificity among others if not done well may destroy your chances of really selling your unique attributes and experience to recruiters.

A professional CV/Resume is necessary investment to all professionals of all ranks. If you aspire to grow your career in one way or another, a professional CV is a must-have for you. Many job seekers often use the easier route. They sit at the comfort of their homes and craft something CV-like together for FREE then use it to apply jobs. Hundreds and thousands of applications go by without an interview call. Time goes by and their careers goes into the drain.

If you consider the opportunity cost of all the chances lost, the job opportunities you did not get, the salary increase you may have been offered but didn’t just because of dismal representation you got from your self-manufactured CV, then writing your own CV is probably the most expensive action you will ever undertake. What did you consider in designing the CV? Did you take into account the type, formatting, correct itemization, key phrases in the industry you are applying to? How about the right template and sequencing? Probably not. Most people who take that short cut do not get the interview, they remain stagnant in their careers trapped by their own choices. Their crafting is what is considered as a job-losing CV that destroys their career prospects.

Why a Professional CV is a Must-have!

When you consider the cost of a sub-standard CV for your career prospects then a professional CV is a must-have. For every single job advert there are atleast a dozen of applications and most of these candidates are as qualified as you. What the sets you apart? Representation. How your career documents portray you will determine whether you will be considered for an interview. A professional CV will tell the recruiter your personality, your professionalism, your competence or lack thereof. Are you organized? Are you an achiever? Are you a team player? Can you handle a technical task? These are some of the questions that a professional CV will provide answers to for your recruiters’ concerns.

Employers will seek out to reduce the number of CVs for consideration. They will use as littles as seven seconds to skin your CV and if they find not a strong introduction statement, keywords, ATS power verbs and a professional tone introduces you in a totally endearing manner then you are doomed. They won’t spend a second more to look at your CV even though you may be the most qualified candidate by virtue of your skills, education and experiences. For a professional, every single detail count. Any single relevant item missing in your CV reduces your chances of getting the job.

At Primal Career Services, we are akin to recruiters’ requirements and psychology. We incorporate this knowledge into designing CVs, Cover Letters and Interview coaching sessions that elevates your image to recruiters. We consider all the aspects and angles for writing you a great and unique CV that can potentially change your career life for the better.

CVs That Make an Impact

For a recent graduate, junior and senior professionals as well as executives a CV succinctly shows a trail of your contributions, achievements and relevant skills will get you closer to the employment door. Most applicants are educational qualified and have loads of experience, it is how their qualifications are portrayed in their CV that will determine the fate of their career. A loosely described career trail of a qualified professional will surely not get them an interview call.

Employers seek value when recruiting. They look for candidates who can bring impact in their organizations. They search for visionary and mission-oriented individuals and that needs to come out clearly in your CV.

Primal Career Services team has years of experience in recruitment and career management on a national scale across all industries. We understand the related dynamics and know pretty well how to illustrate your experiences and capabilities in the right way. We will write you a CV that is professional, unique and effective.

What is a perfect resume/CV?

A good CV should be able to highlight skills, experience, and bring forthright attention to the employer through explicitly showcasing your contribution and achievements in the course of your work experience.

Can I hire a professional to write a CV?

The competition for landing up jobs in corporate is heightening day by day, as the rate of job seekers is growing faster than availability of jobs. To increase your chances of getting the top jobs you should decisively opt for professional CV/resume writers.

What is the process of Primal Career Services CV writing?

Step 1: Call, text or email us your request with your existing CV. If you don’t have an existing CV, we shall provide you with a template where you will fill in your details to form a basis of writing your CV

Step 2: Upon review, we shall contact you and share with you when your CV is likely to be ready and request payment as we start the process of writing your CV. Kindly note that payment is done upfront.

Step 3: Once your CV is ready, the first draft will be sent to you through your email for review and upon verification the final draft will also be sent through your email

Step 4: If you need some adjustments within 6 months, we shall process your request free of charge.

Is it worth paying for a CV writing service?

With high competition in the job industry, CV/resume writing services will give you an added advantage. With a one-time investment in form of CV, you can apply various job positions suitable for you considering that your chances of getting calls from top organizations have greatly increased.

Is there any specific template for getting a job?

Industries, professions and purposes are determinant of the type of CV/Resume a professional would require in this modern digital age. The most common types of CVs are ATS compliant CVs, modern CVs, Europass/Canadian CVs. Our experts would advise you on the Type of CV suitable for you upon furnishing them with relevant requirements.

How much does it cost to write a cv?

Our CV/Resume writing cost depends on the sum of your working experience. There are different packages for different sets of work experiences.

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